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Homo Zappiens and its consequences for learning, working and social life

by Wim Veen & Ben Vrakking

The world is not changing, we are. The frameworks we have imposed upon the world to make it neat and tidy, manageable and predictable, at least or so we thought, are failing us. The dust that we had so carefully swept under the rug is coming through. What we did not allow ourselves to notice for the past four centuries is now coming back into view, seemingly with an attitude. Or is it just that it has always been there and some part of us and our society is now no longer willing to go without it?

Homo Zappiens is the new generation that is growing up with modern communication technologies shaping their views on the world around them. Through these technologies they are learning to develop new skills and exhibiting new behavior that may show us a way how future society will be organized and dealing with technology.

Trend study: Veen/Vrakking: "Homo Zappiens".pdf

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