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Project IMO practices both an internal and an external monitoring process (see illustration):

The internal monitoring sequence surveys and processes research results of the four Funding Priorities (FP) of the A-L-K program

  • Preventive Occupational Safety and Health,
  • Innovation Strategies Beyond Traditional Management,
  • Balance Between Flexibility and Stability in a Changing Working Environment,
  • Innovative Ability During Demographic Change.

The external monitoring sequence screens ongoing contributions to the topic "Innovative Ability" outside of the A-L-K program. This especially encompasses findings of independent & industrial research institutions; as well as the political community on a national level. Additionally, the screening of international research results helps to reflect the results of the A-L-K program within a global context.



The IMO project edits the resulting findings on "Capability for Innovation" in order to initiate specific transfer measures for the target groups: science, economy and politics. In terms of a Learning Program, the findings of the internal and external monitoring process serve to deliver impulses for both the strategic further development of the current research and development program as well as the future generation of programs.


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