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Virtual Conference

One of the main objects we have set for our project is to foster the networking of the international science communitiy working on the topic of innovative ability.

Apart from many Project Events we use Virtual Conferences in order to connect experts from all over the globe time-independantly. For this purpose we use the Adobe Connect Pro Software which is provided for us by the German National Research and Education Network  (DFN). At this point we want to invite you to get to know this useful tool better. Test the software and you'll find out its many advantages:

    • Real-time participation through audio and video conferencing
    • Text-based chat
    • Interactive whiteboards for real-time joint file processing
    • Multimedia presentations
    • Broadband file exchange
    • No costs, no extra software

Furthermore we offer you the possibility to host professional Video Conferences in cooperation with the Center for Computing and Communication of the RWTH Aachen University. In a Multimedia seminar room Video Conferences can be provided at a much better quality.

If you are interested in participating in a Virtual Conference or if you need more information, please contact Sven Trantow directly:

E-Mail: Opens window for sending emailinfo(at)internationalmonitoring.com

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