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Preventive Occupational Safety and Health

The goal of funding is to promote measures that contribute to increase the competitiveness of German economy, to create attractive work relationships in enterprises and to support future orientation of intercorporate preventive institutions through according activities in preventive occupational safety and health. The center of the funding initiative thus are schemes that focus on the integration of safety and health into corporate actions and on the support of intercorporate actors in reorienting their tasks.

Workplace safety and health increasingly become decisive competitive factors. Workplace health care resp. preventive measures within corporate health policies are decisively influenced by prevention being integrated into corporate culture, and the commitment and competence of corporate leadership and management. The changes in work environments have also lead to changed tasks for intracorporate actors in occupational safety and health care. Spurred by new forms of work, new topics and tasks emerge, such as psychological strain and stress, development of management methods and leadership instruments to foster self-regulation (work-life-balance), preservation of employability, dealing with demographic change and others. Successful prevention presupposes that enterprises orient themselves towards internationally successful prevention strategies. This also implies that enterprises enable their employees through according measures to take responsibility for their own occupational preventive actions. Higher productivity, lower accident numbers and less absence in successful enterprises document effective efforts in occupational safety and health.

Papers of the Focus Groups

The papers of the Focus Groups are available in German language only.

Focus Group "Fostering Health During Demographic Change"Health Promotion.pdf (413 KB)
Focus Group "Innovation Strategies and Health"Innovation Strategies and Health.pdf (627 KB)
Focus Group "Corporate Innovation Management"Innovation Management.pdf (392 KB)
Focus Group "Participation and Leadership"Participation and Leadership.pdf (586 KB)
Focus Group "Prevention as Competitive Factor"Prevention as Competitive Factor.pdf (443 KB)
Focus Group "Alliances across Company Borders"Alliances across Company Borders.pdf (674 KB)

The "Aachen Impulse"

Discussion of the "Aachen Impulse"

On January 26, 2010, our second Virtual Live Conference took place. Eight experts from eight different countries mutually discussed the "Aachen Impulse".

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