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Prof. Dr. Peter Pawlowsky

Head of Field of Action

“Intellectual Capital”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Peter Pawlowsky

Univ.-Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Peter Pawlowsky

Head of Chair for Personnel and Management, Faculty for Business Administration of the TU Chemnitz

Scientific Vita:

  • Studied Sociology and Business Administration (Sweden, USA, Germany)
  • Promotion at FU Berlin and Habilitation at University of Paderborn
  • Abstractor for Socio-Political Affairs and Business Administration at the Bertelsmann Stiftung, Head of Research Institute for Socioeconomics of Work at the FU Berlin, Professor at TU Chemnitz

Research Focus:

  • Personnel Management
  • Change of Values
  • Research projects on questions of Work and Organizational Learning
  • Knowledge Management and Human Resource Management
  • High Efficiency Management

Contact: Opens window for sending emailp.pawlowsky(at)wirtschaft.tu-chemnitz.de



Prof. Dr. Pawlowsky, PeterUniversity of Technology (TU) Chemnitz, Faculty for Business Administration, Chair of Personnel and Management
Prof. Dr. Erpenbeck, JohnSteinbeis Transfer Institut Business Administration and International Entrepreneurship Herrenberg
Prof. Dr. Frank, GernoldFHTW Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin, Department 3 – Business Administration
Kneisel, EviTU Chemnitz, Faculty for Business Administration, Chair of Personnel and Management
Prof. Dr. Koch, Günterexecupery Techgate, Vienna (Austria); The New Club of Paris
Dr. Nagel, ClausKPMG Intellectual Capital Advisory People & Change, Köln
Rößel, ClaudiaTU Chemnitz, Faculty for Business Administration, Chair of Personnel and Management
Szogs, GüntherGlashütten
Dr. Vollmar, GabrieleVOLLMAR Wissen + Kommunikation, Reutlingen
Weziak-Bialowolska, DorotaWarsaw School of Economics, Institute of Statistics and Demography, Warsaw (Poland)
Dr. Wiener, BettinaZentrum für Sozialforschung Halle e. V.
Prof. Dr. Wilkens, UtaRuhr-Universität Bochum, Institute for Work Research, Chair for Work Management and Personnel


The following expertises are being developed in the scope of the Field of Action.

Additionally, a project application is being filed to be headed under the 2nd Bulletin of the Program “Working – Learning – Developing Skills. Potential for Innovation in a Modern Work Environment” by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research:

Joint Research Project Application:

  • Capability and Innovative Ability Through Sustainable Management of Conflict Areas: Personnel Administration of Small and Medium Enterprises in a Dynamically Complex Environment
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