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Project Events

In this section you can find downloads concerning our projects events in reverse chronological order

Emergence of Innovation

Future Forum 2011

International Conference 2010

Conference AgendaAgenda.pdf (569 KB)
InvitationInvitation.pdf (191 KB)
Description of dilemmasDescription_dilemmas.pdf (182 KB)
PhotominutesIMO_Konferenz_2010_Fotoprotokoll.pdf (6.3 MB)
Keynote Prof. Klaus Henning
"Enabling Innovation - Facing global dilemmas"
keynote_henning.flv ( 224 MB )
Sven Trantow M.A./Max Haarich M.A.
"Project IMO – Building Communities for the Future of Research
on Innovative Capability"
trantow_haarich.flv ( 140 MB )

3rd meeting of the International Panel

Call for Papers

Call for Papers
Innovative Ability
Call for Papers 740 KB
Poster Call for PapersPoster Call for Papers 1,0 MB


Prof. Dr. Henning - On the Sustainability of Social Market EconomyHenning - On the Sustainability of Social Market Economy.pdf 1,13 MB
Prof. Dr. Henning - Germany's Future - How we will liveGermany´s Future - How will we live?.pdf 5 MB
Prof. Dr. Böhle - Management of UncertaintyBoehle - Management of Uncertainty.pdf 405 KB
Prof. Dr. Howaldt - Innovative Ability and Change of WorkHowaldt - Innovative Ability and Change of Work.pdf 65 KB
Prof. Dr. Pawlowsky - Human Potential as Innovation FactorPawlowsky - Human Potential as Innovation Factor.pdf 4,97 MB


ImpressionsImpressions 3. International Panel
Presentation by Prof. Dr. HenningHenning.avi 69 MB
Presentation by Dr. HartmannFoA1_Hartmann.avi 84 MB
Presentation by Prof. Dr. Boehle, held by Dr. HartmannFoA2_Boehle_Hartmann.avi 89 MB
Presentation by Prof. Dr. HowaldtFoA3_Howaldt.avi 63 MB
Presentation by Prof. Dr. Pawlowsky, held by TrantowFoA4_Pawlowsky_Trantow.avi 59 MB

Summer School 2010 - Intellectual capital

Flyer Summer School 2010Programm-Flyer.pdf (german) 417 KB
SignupsheetAnmeldeformular.pdf (german) 21 KB
InvitationEinladung.pdf (german) 130 KB
PhotominutesFotoprotokoll_Summerschool_2010.pdf (german) 1.3 MB

Virtual Conference on 01/26/2010

Conferenceminutes[IMO] Virtual Live Conference Jan. 2010 - Minutes.pdf 499 KB

Summer School 2009 - Open Innovation


Winter School 2009 - Generation Chameleon. Flexibility 2020

Flyer Winter School 2009Flyer.pdf
Photominutes Winter School 2009Photominutes.pdf
Resolutionminutes Winter School 2009Ergebnisprotokoll_Winterschool 2009.pdf (german) 254kb
Presentation of Dr. Edith Perlebach about Generation ChameleonPresentation Dr. Perlebach

1. International Excursion

Unichimtek (RUS)
Agenda:Program Unichimtek.pdf (1,19 MB)
Photominutes:Fotominutes_UNICHIMTEK_eng.pdf (1.9 MB)
Flyer:Flyer_Moskau_engl.pdf (492 KB)

2nd meeting of the International Panel

Agenda:Agenda.pdf (588 KB)
Introduction of the participants:Introductory Round.pdf (11,5 MB)
Presentation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Henning:
Presentation Henning.pdf (1,85 MB)
Presentation of Andrea Huson, M.A.:
Presentation Huson.pdf (3,71 MB)
Impressions:Impressions.pdf (1,75 MB)

Summer School 2008 - Homo Sapiens vs. Homo Zappiens

Summer School:Summerschool.pdf (103 KB)
Photominutes:Photominutes.pdf (3,72 MB)

Expertstudygroups 2008

Methods:Methoden.pdf (german) 969 KB
Presentation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning:Präsentation.pdf (german) 4,48 MB
Impulses from the International Panel:Impulse aus dem IP.pdf (german) 3,24 MB
Minutes:Erinnerungsprotokoll.pdf (german) 7,43 MB
Photominutes:20090929_Fotoprotokoll_ V2. Fh.pdf (german) 4.1 MB
Speech by Prof. Dr. PawlowskyVortrag_Pawlowsky_engl.pdf
Keynote by Prof. Dr. Brigitte Stieler-Lorenz and
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Howaldt
Keynote Howaldt_Stieler-Lorenz.pdf 129 KB
Keynote by Prof. Dr. Fritz BöhleKeynote Böhle.pdf 130 KB
Key Questions FoA1Key Questions Hartmann.pdf 130 KB
Key Questions FoA2Key Questions Böhle.pdf 131 KB
Key Questions FoA3Key Questions Howaldt.pdf 130 KB
Key Questions FoA4Key Questions Pawlowsky.pdf 131 KB

1. National Excursion (Festo)

Presentation:"Competence Management for Change in Production" (Mrs Salazar) (1,39 MB)
Agenda:Programm FESTO.pdf (656 KB)
Photominutes:Foto Protocol.pdf (396 KB)

1st meeting of the International Panel

Introduction of the participants:Introductory Round.pdf (3,67 MB)
Presentation of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Henning:Innovation Champions.pdf (5,60 MB)
Presentation of Dr. Hofmann, Deutsche Bank Research:Germany 2020.pdf (1,87 MB)
Brainstorming: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats to German Work, Learning and Innovation Research and Practice According to International ExpertsOpen Space.pdf (38,4 KB)
Results of the Open Space Workshop sorted into the clusters People, Organization and Technology:H-O-T.pdf (514 KB)
Impressions:Impressions.pdf (1,87 MB)
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