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Summer and Winter Schools

The semiannual Summer and Winter Schools focus on knowledge transfer between university, research centres and small and medium-sized businesses. Establishing an evident entrepeneurial relation is very important in this context. On the basis of a multimedial future workshop unconventional ways are identified in order to foster creativity. Thus it is possible to let go of common approaches and solutions. 


Winter School 2012: Innovation-oriented Leadership in a Turbulent Working Environment

Due to the great demand and positive response to the summer school in 2011 this year's winter school again addressed the central questions around innovation-oriented leadership.

From October 24th to 26th present and future decision-makers, students and researchers discussed possibilities of leadership to foster the innovative capability of companies.

Up-to-date impulses from research and professional practice were given by Sven Trantow from the International Monitoring project and by Prof. Dr. Marc Solga, professor for Competency and Personnel Development at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum and organizational consultant.

By means of a multimedia, interactive future workshop the participants were encouraged to think in unconventional ways and come up with fantasies and visions concerning innovation-oriented models of leadership, which in a further step were developed into real solutions. Further information, documents and the photominutes can be obtained in the Opens internal link in current windowdownload section.

Below you can watch a Video of the Keynote "Innovation und Innovationsfähigkeit" by Sven Trantow, M.A. and the keynote "Erlebte Ungerechtigkeit und Innovationsbereitschaft" by Prof. Dr. Solga (German language only).


Summer School 2011: I'd Rather Be Leading - Innovation-orientated Leadership in a Turbulent Working Environment

Enterprises with the capability for innovation are sustainably more competitive and register more economic success. A decisive factor for the innovative capability of an enterprise is an adequate leadership as the key competence during the whole process of innovation.

But which type of leadership is suitable to develop the innovative capability of an enterprise? Are processes of innovation actively manageable anyway while an enterprise has to adapt to globally growing dynamics and complexity? Are efficiency, growth, stability and flexibility compatible to each other? These are essential questions that constantly come up in the debate about innovation-promoting leadership in a turbulent working environment.

During the IMO Summer School 2011 in Aachen, we connected current and future decision-makers of enterprises with the goal of discussing modern concepts of leadership. The fourth IMO Summer School 2011 was not just addressed to current and future decision-makers but also to employees and scientists. Therefore, the conference could consider this topic in an interdisciplinary way from different perspectives.

Further information, documents and the photominutes can be obtained in the Opens internal link in current windowdownload section.

Below you can watch a Video of the Keynote by Sven Trantow, M.A.

"Strategien und Merkmale der Innovationsfähigkeit"


Tear Down This Wall! – Fruitful Winter School 2011

“Tear Down This Wall! New ways for a Harmonization between Research and Practice.” – this guiding idea brought together 12 participants from research and practice on January 26-28, 2010. By means of the interactive multi-medial Future Workshop method they jointly created visions and feasible approaches for responsible and efficient transfer from research to practice. Important preliminary impulses came from the speeches “Knowledge Transfer between Theory and Practice – Epistemological Effects, Sociological Reflexes and Methodical Concepts” by Hans-Georg Schnauffer (ThyssenKrupp AG), and “Free Expert Knowledge! Pick-Up Only!” by Max Haarich (Institute Cluster IMA/ZLW & IfU). You can find the foto minutes in our Download Area.

Summer School 2010: I know something you don’t know. The intangible value of Intellectual Capital.

From May 19th until 21st 2010 the fourth IMO Summer School took place in Huerth close to Cologne. The main topic was the development of creative, sustainable ideas to the topic of Intellectual Capital. Further information and the photominutes can be obtained in the download section.

Summer School 2009 Comments


Winter School 2009 Trailer

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