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Field of Action "Transfer"

The Field of Action “Transfer” is occupied with the enhancement of result transfer from the research and development programs from the area “Innovative Capability”. The traditional Sender-Receiver scheme of transfer in this area is as widespread as it is inapplicable. In order to increase the socio-economic impact of research results and to strengthen synergies between science and economy a new understanding of transfer is necessary. This understanding has to be recognized as a constitutive part of research practice and has to encompass not only the transmission process of knowledge, but also its production and application context.

A possible transfer model

The IMO Project is working on a transfer model that recommends scientific cross-sectional tasks to increase the likelihood of transfer success. The cross-sectional tasks constitute activities across subject borders that have to be allowed for during transfer design of a funding scheme. These tasks increase the likelihood of transfer success by helping to implement fundamental process components of transfer (see picture). The model is aimed at contributing to the development of a new, integrative understanding of Transfer.


Scientific cross-sectional tasks

  • “Operationalization and Measurement” targets the formation, delimitation and measurement of the construct “Innovative Capability” and connected factors.
  • “Method Integration and Target Group Adaptation” encompasses the identification of necessary steps for the development of individualized solutions.
  • “Cross-Linkage and Constitution of Alliances” deals with processes and technological infrastructures for the arrangement of interaction between relevant actors.
  • “Enabling and Dissemination” highlights processes of knowledge transformation for the absorption, dispersion and application of results. 
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