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Welcome to the Website of International Monitoring - a project of the institute cluster Opens external link in new windowDepartment of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering, Center for Learning and Knowledge Management and Assoc. Institute for Management Cybernetics  (IMA/ZLW & Ifu) at Opens external link in new windowRWTH Aachen University sponsored by the Opens external link in new windowMinistry of Education and Research (BMBF) and the Opens external link in new windowEuropean Social Found (ESF).


An effective transfer of knowledge between research, economy, politics and society is an important success factor to induce innovations and to master the major societal challenges of our times. This new brochure edited by the International Monitoring project shows a broad spectrum of successful tran...


The international and transdisciplinary anthology "Prethinking Work - Insights on the Future of Work" is now also available in a German version. The inspiring book with the German titel "Arbeit im Wandel - Trends und Herausforderungen der modernen Arbeitswelt" provides diverse an...


IMO project is very pleased to announce that the international anthology "Prethinking Work: Insights on the Future of Work" has been recently published by LIT house.   IMO brought together researchers, economic actors and politicians from twelve different countries to come ...

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