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Innovative Capability on a Global Scale

Lively discussions, challenging questions, and promising ideas mark the first international conference “Enabling Innovation – Facing Global Dilemmas” of the IMO Project that took place from 30 September to 1 October in Potsdam. National and international experts attended to discuss central possibilities to foster sustainable innovative capability against the background of five global dilemmas. The implicit credo was: is not the point to defeat global dilemmas; the future challenge is to utilize and balance them and to exploit them as stimulation for every successful innovation process.

Central questions on the Dilemma „Responsible Use of Human Resources vs. Cost Pressure” were for instance: What are the practical problems in this area? Are there already solutions for them? What further research demands can we derive? – The participants discussed and asked questions. They wrote thoughts onto file cards and drew mind maps. They presented their results and exchanged opinions in small and larger groups. They twittered possible approaches. Even at the breakfast table and the evening reception in the historical Drachenhaus the participants bubbled with ideas on how to anchor scientific knowledge beyond theory, for further research projects or collective publications.

The participants were accompanied and inspired by the employees of the IMO Project of the ZLW/IMA. Introducing and concluding words were given by Prof. Dr. Sabina Jeschke, a stimulating keynote by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Henning, who considers people and their unique action potentials to be central driving forces for innovation.

The second day, Sven Trantow und Max Haarich emphasized the future meaning of community building between economy and research for the sustainable enhancement of innovative capability in Germany.



Keynote Prof. Klaus Henning: "Enabling Innovation - Facing global dilemmas"
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Sven Trantow M.A./Max Haarich M.A.: "Project IMO – Building Communities for the Future of Research on Innovative Capability"
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Impressions of the International Conference 2010

Max Haarich

Potsdam Conference Twitter Wall

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Sep 30th 2010

#paradoxolutions. Messages from our group going to office of Angela Merkel. Starting point: Innovate of die, Deutschland ( Sep 30th, jaycross)

#paradoxolutions Squeezed between Dynamics & Complexity. No way back. Growing "Dynaxity" (Sep 30th, jaycross)

#paradoxolutions. Kompetenz = not just knowing how but also doing it. English equivalent = "working smarter" (Sep 30th, jaycross)

Gefällt mir RT @jaycross: #paradoxolutions. Kompetenz = not just knowing how but also doing it. English equivalent = "working smarter" (Sep 30th, myview)

#paradoxolutions Innovative capability through trust in everyone's colleagues, managers and the organization, and at least in oneself (Sep 30th, IntMonitoring)

#paradoxolutions. 8.2 m Euros budget for IMA/ZLW at RWTH Aachen University. Language difficulties describing innovation in Germany&English (Sep 30th, jaycross)

In a chaotic environment, knowledge is nothing more than pattern recognition. ~ @downes #paradoxolutions (Sep 30th, hjarche)

RT @hjarche: In a chaotic environment, knowledge is nothing more than pattern recognition. ~ @downes #paradoxolutions So true! (Sep 30th, retweeted by robpatrob, denniscallahan, tar1na, jmgilliot, fmeichel)

Innovation, Complexity, Working Smarter - follow this hashtag on Twitter today... #paradoxolutions ( Sep30th, simbeckhampson)

hjarche Challenge: what value does intellectual capital have in monetary terms? How can we measure it? Should we measure it? #paradoxolutions (Sep 30th, retweet pcidfbizcon)

Potsdam. enabling Innovation - Facing global Dilemmas. #paradoxolutions Klaus Henning introducing this event. (Sep 30th, jaycross)

Baden-Wurtemburg is "most productive" country in the world. #paradoxolutions German innovation vs global practices. Not the same (Sep 30th, jaycross)

Fully realized, a state of total knowledge is indistinguishable from total complexity, or chaos. ~ @downes #paradoxolutions (Sep 30th, hjarche)

Peter Pawlowsky on high performance teams: need to communicate across disciplines e.g. pilots & doctors in medical rescue #paradoxolutions (Sep 30th, hjarche)

Frank Emspak: innovation & growth should not be corporate led, but shared with workers & govt - German vs US cases #paradoxolutions (Sep 30th, hjarche)

RT @gmsz2010: #paradoxolutions Ursula Schneider: do we not know what we are doing or do we not do what we know < ouch :-) (Sep 30th, simbeckhampson)

RT @IntMonitoring: #paradoxolutions As I were close to failure, I decided to act! < love it! #lrnchat #innochat (Sep 30th, simbeckhampson)

Currently in Berlin / Potsdam at a working meeting of www.internationalmonitoring.com/en/home.html. See #Paradoxolutions. ( Sep 30th, guenter_koch)

Ernst Hartmann is.gd/fBWIC manufacturing case: individual coaching replaces formal training to speed workplace learning #paradoxolutions (Sep 30th, hjarche)

#paradoxolutions Wenn Du es eilig hast, gehe langsam // When you are in a hurry, slow down (Sep 30th, imoursula2)

Oct 1st 2010

#paradoxolutions - the 'pracademics' - people who are working in academics and in practice ( Oct 1st, Downes, retweeted by Isabel_GE))

last tweet: NOT so much focus on hard measures #paradoxolutions (Oct 1st, hjarche)

Instead of measuring knowledge transfer, why not map the networks to understand the relationships & attributes? (my point) #paradoxolutions (Oct 30th, hjarche)

IMO should consider value network analysis as a research tool www.openvaluenetworks.com #paradoxolutions ( Oct 1st, hjarche)

Tx1: operationalisation & measurement: need measures to estimate potential outcomes of actions: how to measure soft factors #paradoxolutions ( Oct 1st, hjarche)

Issues arising fm Tx1: what is knowledge? how to decide what to measure? how to copy/share tacit & contextual knowledge? #paradoxolutions (Oct 1st, hjarche)

Tx2: method integration & target group adaptation [I think this is about understanding context, but not clear] #paradoxolutions (Oct 1st, hjarche)

just because we CAN measure does not mean we SHOULD measure #paradoxolutions (Oct 1st, hjarche)

Rogers' Diffusion of innovations being discussed en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diffusion_of_innovations #paradoxolutions (Oct 1st, hjarche)

IMO suggests 4 tasks to address issue of knowledge transfer #paradoxolutions (Oct 1st, hjarche)

comment from @jaycross that IMO should look at story telling & informal knowledge sharing & so much hard measures #paradoxolutions ( Oct 1st, hjarche)

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