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Work Based Learning. Promoting Innovation by Work Based Learning

by Barbara Light und Ernst Andreas Hartmann

This study is about bringing learning, research and development, work, and innovation together, proposing Work Based Learning (WBL) as the core concept for this integration.
In the first three chapters, the concept of WBL will be introduced, and, in the fourth chapter, WBL will be contextualised in relation to other learning environments.
Chapters 5 and 6 will expand the scope of WBL within knowledge generation and the relations between WBL – or similar learning environments – and innovation within university-industry cooperation networks.
Chapter 7 will put forward the Accreditation of Prior Learning (APL) as a complementary concept to WBL, and will explain how both elements together contribute to efficiency and permeability in educational systems and learning processes.
The WBL landscapes in the United Kingdom and Germany are laid out in Chapters 8 to 10, with extra emphasis, including a detailed case study, on the comparatively more developed WBL landscape in the UK.
Chapter 11 proposes further cases, specifically selected to illustrate the effects of WBL and related learning environments on innovation.
In chapter 12, some first experiences with measuring the effects of WBL and WBL-like programmes on organisational knowledge, competence, and innovation will be discussed.
Chapters 13 to 15 will look into the future, presenting emerging trends in WBL, identifying open R&D issues, and proposing actions to be undertaken in order to further promote WBL in practice.

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